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Ginseng Benefits for Health

Posted on February 25 2021

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Ginseng is a slow-growing perennial plant that grows in the mountains of East Asia. It belongs to the genus Panax. It is one of the most popular herbal medicines for centuries. The words Panax is derived from the word “panacea”, which means a cure for all diseases. However, ginseng was usually used as a preventive medicine rather than curative medicine. Ginseng contains two significant compounds, ginsenosides and gintonin. The more the type of ginseng contains a higher concentration of bioavailable ginsenosides, the more it is effective. Such as HRG80, which is a pure red Panax Ginseng. Healthwise, ginseng contains many health benefits. 

Increase energy level

Ginseng can act as an energy booster for people with fatigue and low energy during the day. A study has shown that ginseng showed effective performance in helping cancer patients with fatigue. It stimulates physical and mental activity for weak people. Another study that targeted people with chronic fatigue showed that the people who were given a precise dose of Panax ginseng were less physical and mental tired.


Treats erectile dysfunction 

Ginseng is beneficial in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction. Several studies showed that men with erectile dysfunction who took ginseng daily experienced a significant improvement in their symptoms. Ginseng may be effective in herbal treatment for ED. It fights against oxidative stress in blood vessels, which relaxes the blood vessels and enables blood flow. Therefore, ginseng help restores normal function. However, each study insisted on the need for more research to determine exactly the benefits of ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

Lowers blood sugar 

Ginseng has been proven to help lower blood sugar and treat diabetes. Especially, fermented red ginseng. The ginsenosides in ginseng affect insulin production and insulin resistance in the pancreas. Ginseng does not cure diabetes; it can be a possible complementary therapy for this condition. Furthermore, ginseng controls blood sugar glucose for people with and without diabetes. Several benefits of ginseng are improving pancreatic cell function; enhancing the uptake of blood sugar in tissue, providing antioxidant protection. A study showed that fermented red ginseng is more effective since it is produced with the help of bacteria that transform the ginsenosides into a more easily absorbed and potent form.

Increase brain function

Ginseng has several benefits on the human brain. A study examined 30 healthy people after taking ginseng doses and they noticed an increase in mental performance, mental fatigue and blood sugar after 10 minutes. It is suggested that the brain function is due to the reduction of fatigue therefore mental fatigue. It affects positively thinking and cognition process, memory and behaviour in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Consequently, this has a positive influence on mental health, mood and social functioning. However, the researcher found that small doses are more effective than higher doses. This has not been explained nor the exact effect on the brain. Therefore, more research needs to be conducted. 


HRG80 or pure Red Panax ginseng is considered the most effective due to the high concentration of bioavailable ginsenosides than other ginsengs. For that reason, it is effective as a preventive and curative supplement. It is effective at preventing symptoms of stress, fatigue, impaired memory, concentration difficulty, attention deficit, restlessness and irritation. 


There are two main types of ginseng Asian or Korean ginseng (Panax) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). They do not share the same benefits. Chinese traditional medicine considered American ginseng less stimulating that the Asian one. Other herbs are called ginseng, but they do not contain the active ingredient of ginsenosides. They are various ways to prepare ginseng. The white ginseng is peeled and air-dried, bleached by the sun to turn into a white colour. Red ginseng is peeled, steamed at 100˚C then dried or sun-dried. After that, an herbal brew marinates the root to make it brittle. This way of making ginseng is very common. Finally, fresh ginseng refers to raw ginseng.


Ginseng is an herbal supplement. It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It strengthens the immune system and increases energy level for better daily performance. It regulates blood sugar levels, enhance brain function and improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Ginseng can be consumed raw or lightly steamed. Consumption of ginseng can by capsule or powder form that is easy to add to your diet. Ginseng is beneficial whether you have a certain condition or you just want to be healthy. It is a source of longevity, physical strength and resistance.